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Sophisticated Reporting & Data Analytics

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

The depth of Tk20’s reporting capabilities has always been one of our strengths. Depending on the level of complexity and immediacy needed for a specific situation, we offer an exhaustive catalog of reports that range in scope.

From DIY to fully customized, there’s a Tk20 reporting solution for you.

Tk20 Instant Insight Reports™

Wouldn’t it be great if you could design your own reports that pull only the data you need that’s displayed exactly the way you want to see it, whenever you want, as many times as you like?

We thought so, too.

Tk20 Instant Insight Reports™ put you in control with unfettered access and targeted insight into all of your institution’s data—both academic and non. This makes it much easier to analyze your data and understand your school’s activities in real time, so you can confidently tell your story to a variety of stakeholders at any point along the way.

Tk20 Instant Insight Reports

Tk20 Instant Insight Reports

Core Reports

Our expansive library of sophisticated Tk20 Core Reports is available anytime to help you track data collection, monitor faculty qualifications, track tenure and student learning, identify areas for improvement, implement changes, and continually evaluate outcomes.

Tk20 Core Reports

Next Generation Reports

For a deeper dive into the management of course-based assessments, experiential learning programs, clinical practice in the field, course evaluations and planning, Tk20 Next Generation (NG) Reports are also available and at your disposal anytime.

Tk20 Next Generation Reports

Custom Reports

If Core, NG, or Instant Insight Reports™ don’t satisfy your institution’s reporting needs, Tk20 Custom Reports can be created on a consultative basis. Working closely with our Implementation and Services teams, we’ll scope out your needs, create a statement of work, and determine a path forward to deliver the information you need.