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Planning Today for a Better Tomorrow

Our comprehensive solution includes assessment and strategic planning tools to help you close the loop, use what’s learned along the way, and make ongoing improvements when preparing for accreditation.

From one system tailored for your campus’ planning needs, you can easily manage outcomes and streamline assessment at course, program, and unit levels.

Assessment Planning

  • Specify outcomes and objectives for departments, units, and programs
  • Assess activities of all academic and non-academic departments
  • Align organization with regional or programmatic accreditation requirements
  • Tie data collected on students, faculty, and programs directly to outcomes
  • Map curricula to program goals and course outcomes

Screenshot of Assessment Planning in Tk20

 Strategic Planning

  • Track action items by unit
  • Monitor associated budget requests
  • Review milestones throughout planning cycles
  • Manage financial planning proactively

Screenshot of Strategic Planning in Tk20