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Graphite (Tk20 v8.0) Takes Assessment & Accreditation Out of the Dark AgesFebruary 2, 2016

At Tk20, we have a long-standing practice of collaborating with clients along the often treacherous paths to assessment and accreditation, because we believe partnerships go much further and do much more than a product can on its own.

Since 2003, this approach has remained a fundamental tenet of the company’s mission and is the guiding light for ongoing enhancements to our products and services.

We work closely with those of you in the Tk20 community and take your feedback to heart, because your voice matters here. It’s in that tradition we’re proud to release Graphite (Tk20 v8.0)—our first major upgrade designed solely for a better user experience.

Graphite preserves all the robust functionalities that define Tk20 solutions today—with a streamlined interface on a user-friendly system that’s as easy on the eyes as it is easy to navigate. Once you see it, we think you’ll agree that assessment never looked this good.

But Graphite is more than just a slick new look. You’ll also find:

  • Simplified workflows for consistent, easy access to what you need
  • Assistive technologies that accommodate users of all abilities
  • Custom settings that match your Tk20 system to your school colors and logo
  • A mobile-friendly layout that dynamically adjusts to fit your tablet device

Most exciting, the Graphite platform gives you new ways to have a voice in our product development and lets us respond to your feedback faster than ever before. The stage is set, so now’s the time to play a part.

Take a closer look at Graphite to see for yourself how the improvements we’re making today will give everyone in the Tk20 community a better way forward, together.

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