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Tk20 Loves Students

Tk20 Loves Students

Out of all the reasons you chose the school you did, chances are “accreditation status” wasn’t in your Top 5.

Little known fact: The most valuable trait any higher ed institution can have is its accreditation, because it lets you know that you chose a good school. Think of accreditation as a highly powerful form of quality assurance that gives colleges and universities the official stamp of approval.

Your school relies on entire departments, teams of administrators, and countless faculty to manage accreditation. And they rely on powerful software to automate the many moving parts.

That’s where Tk20 comes in.

We help schools like yours simplify assessment and accreditation with innovative tools that streamline data collection, analysis, and reporting from one user-friendly system.

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot from the feedback we’ve received, and we’re always working hard to improve Tk20 with enhancements and tools designed for students like you. Because your voice matters to us.


A Better Way Forward: Tk20 & You


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