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Faculty & Staff

Tk20 Loves Faculty & Staff

Tk20 Loves Faculty & Staff

There’s no getting around it. Assessment is complicated. Managing multiple assessments across different units? Not exactly a walk in the park.

Good thing Tk20 is designed to do the heavy lifting for you.



Tk20 consolidates everything you need to do your job in one location for easy, quick access to assignments and coursework files, templates and forms, assessment data, and much more. Because your data is housed and organized in one spot, you’ll be able to spend less time hunting and gathering, and more time on what matters.


The tools you need most shouldn’t be difficult to use. That’s why Tk20 is designed to automate recurring tasks, repetitive workflows, and the ongoing use of critical templates and forms. With Tk20, workloads become less manual and more manageable, especially when juggling multiple types of assessments on campus.


When you need immediate visibility into your world of data, Tk20 provides at-a-glance insight into submitted coursework and assignments, student binders, and assessment data along the way. This makes outliers easier to identify and their related implications easier to analyze and act upon.