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Tk20 Training

Tk20 specializes in collaborating with institutions to plan and implement your Tk20 product. We have partnered with countless institutions across the United States and overseas to successfully deploy the Tk20 solution, so our experience reflects the diversity of our partner institutions in terms of geographic location, institutional size, institutional mission, and demographics served. Our team of consultants, themselves experts in accreditation and assessment, work with you to share our best practices, plan a comprehensive strategy for deployment, and partner with you as you roll out your Tk20 system on campus.

At the onset of the project, we will appoint a Tk20 Product Consultant to act as your main point of contact throughout this process. Your Product Consultant will work to ensure that your institutional priorities are achieved within the context of your unique institutional realities, creating an individualized implementation project plan and marshaling the myriad of resources Tk20 has available. Tk20 will request that your institution allocate one or more administrators to support the initial setup and ongoing operation of the assessment application. Because Tk20 employs a “train-the-trainer” model, we will train your designated administrators and campus trainers as part of the implementation process, fully preparing your entire campus community to benefit from your Tk20 system.