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Tk20 Support

Tk20 provides a wide range of services to ensure that your system adoption and use is successful. They are offered with the belief that the software is just a part of the overall product, and that these services constitute an essential component of the overall solution. These services are comprehensive, and unless stated otherwise, are included in the overall cost of the product.

Customized Configuration Customized and configured to your system according to your needs and specifications of your institution.

Training Provides both web and onsite training. Provides full complement training, administration and user guides at different user levels. Training is included in the cost of the software purchase.

Custom Report Building Reporting is available with the software. Customized reports building includes reports created according to your specifications. Rapid turnaround. Costs are included in software purchase.

Server Hosting Includes two options: Fully hosted by Tk20 or hosted on your server on your campus. Hosting services includes: system monitoring, regular data back up and a disaster recovery plan.

Data Import from your student information system. Fully customizable. Includes field to field mapping. Compatible with Banner, Jenzebar, People Soft, Datatel and many others. Fully supported process. Data loads can be automatically scheduled.

Product Upgrades Product upgrades, releases and enhancements are provided to current customers and are included in the cost of the software purchase.

User Conferences User conferences are provided once a year. Requires a small registration fee. Users can share information, experiences and resources.