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Ohio State's Year-Long Student Teaching Experience Exemplifies Increased Clinical Emphasis in Educator Preparation

By Jane Leibbrand, Communications Consultant and Education Policy & Practice Writer

With the advent of research coming from clinically-based programs (some alternative, such as residency programs); reports such as that released by NCATE's Blue Ribbon Panel on Clinical Preparation in 2010; and new CAEP accreditation standards, most universities have moved the goalposts on clinical experiences in teacher preparation.

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New Requirements for Content Knowledge are Raising the Bar in Teacher Preparation

By Bhupi Bhasin, Tk20 President

Until recently, evidence of teacher candidate content knowledge and ability to apply it to help students learn was stuck in neutral within educator preparation. To provide such evidence, preparation providers have primarily relied on (1) licensing examinations of content knowledge; (2) college GPA in the discipline; (3) provider-developed assessments of content and content-pedagogy in coursework; and (4) provider-developed student teaching assessments which include a focus on content and content-pedagogy.

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Tk20 & Naseej Sign Exclusive Agreement to Bring Assessment & Accreditation Management Solutions to the Arab World

September 30, 2014

Tk20, Inc. and Naseej, the leading knowledge solutions provider in the Middle East, announced today that they have signed an exclusive agreement to bring Tk20's assessment, planning, and accreditation management solutions to the Middle East region. Under the terms of the agreement, Naseej will distribute and support Tk20's suite of products throughout the region. "We are very excited to be partnering with Naseej to provide colleges and universities in the region with the most comprehensive, innovative assessment and reporting tools available," says Bhupi Bhasin, President of Tk20.

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Movin' On Up: We All Have a Piece of the Student Learning Pie!

By Dr. Donna Chrislip, Arapahoe Community College

In June of 2008, Arapahoe Community College adopted a collaborative strategic planning process that identified five Strategic Directions, one of which is Student Success. Tasks associated with the Student Success Strategic Direction included the collaborative development of institution-wide Learning Outcomes for Student Enrichment and Process Improvement, replacing what were formerly termed “general education competencies.” The strategic goal associated with this initiative is “to integrate Learning Outcomes into all programs/areas of the institution.”

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Points to Ponder: Examining the Culture of Assessment on Your Campus

By Bhupi Bhasin, Tk20

Dr. Trudy Banta delivered a very timely keynote address at the Tk20 User Conference titled “Assessment Changes Things… and That Could Be a Good Thing!” Assessment, after all, is about much more than data collection – it’s about using your data to facilitate continuous improvement. Here are four thought-provoking questions you should be asking to examine the culture of assessment on your campus.

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An Overview of Rubrics: Assessment Tools for the Classroom

By Dr. Nicole Luongo, St. Peter’s University

During many of my education lectures on assessment and evaluation, I bring up using rubrics. After I explain the basics of rubrics, I find myself fielding questions such as, “Do I really need to use a rubric?” or “Why can’t I just give the student a letter grade?” Although there are many valid answers, I usually explain that rubrics just make life easier. They help teachers assess students; they help students assess themselves. Plus, they allow teachers to explain to parents why the students received a certain grade. Above all, I find myself praising rubrics and realizing how important they truly are in the educational world.

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Survey Says: Tips for Planning Your Next Survey

By Monica Joy Defendorf, Tk20

There are many things to be considered when developing a survey, particularly of graduates. Surveys are fun to create, especially as we think about the content and questions we can ask. However, successful implementation of a survey goes far beyond the content and design. A well implemented survey that yields good results also involves goals and planning for resources, collection, reporting, and follow-up.

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New iTeachAZ Mobile App a Timesaver for Teachers

iTeachAZ is the teacher preparation program at Arizona State University Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College in which teacher candidates spend their senior year immersed in a partnering pre-K-12 school. The iTeachAZ mobile app allows users to collect and submit teacher candidate data on nearly any devise: laptop, tablet, mobile device, or desktop computer, creating a more efficient and effective process for faculty, site coordinators, mentor teachers, and candidates.

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Pecheone and Rosselli Urge Innovation and Transparency: Highlights from the 2014 CAEP Spring Conference

By Jane Leibbrand, Communications Consultant and Education Policy & Practice Writer

The 2014 CAEP Spring Conference provided an overall view of the direction CAEP is heading, with general sessions on each of the new standards, but much of the 'meat' of the conference was in sessions on evidence and key issues surrounding it. Conference sessions focused on types of evidence and the ways educator preparation providers (EPPs) can test for validity and reliability in sensible, cost-effective ways. Two outstanding general sessions provided participants with inspiration and ideas on how data gathering strategies can lead to continuous improvement and increased transparency, which today's environment demands.

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Tk20 Announces Release of Version 7.0.0

Tk20 is raising the bar with its newest software update, version 7.0.0. By integrating with major LMS platforms, providing embedded document annotation, enhancing field experience, and expanding reporting capabilities, there’s more to like than ever before.

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Assessment Scholar Dr. Trudy Banta To Deliver Keynote at Summer Conference

Tk20 is excited to announce that one of the country’s preeminent assessment scholars will deliver the keynote address at the 9th Annual Tk20 User Conference in Austin, Texas, this summer. Known as an authority on assessment in the United States and abroad, Dr. Trudy Banta is especially known for her books, including Designing Effective Assessment: Principles and Profiles of Good Practice.

Tk20 partner institutions will convene in Austin June 9-11th for exciting presentations, discussions, and forums based on the following principles:

  • Engagement of administrators, faculty, and students in the assessment framework.
  • Collaboration to improve the effectiveness of assessment practices.
  • Guidance of stakeholders at all levels using best practices grounded in relevant and current scholarship.

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Tk20 Announces LMS Integration

Austin, TX - December 2013.... Tk20, Inc., a leading provider of integrated planning, assessment, and reporting solutions for colleges and universities in the United States and abroad, is pleased to announce its products have received IMS Interoperability Conformance Certification. With Learning Tools Interoperability™ (LTI) certification, Tk20 can integrate with any LTI certified Learning Management System platform including Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, and Sakai. This will allow students and faculty to have a seamless integrated experience in accessing assignments within the context of the course. Students and faculty are automatically logged on to both systems through their standard LMS sign-on process. Students can submit assignments and faculty can evaluate students on key assessments from within the LMS. Additionally, faculty can send grades, scored as part of the Tk20 assessments, back to their LMS gradebook.

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Where's the beef in strategic planning?

By Monica Joy Defendorf

After years of participating in strategic planning and assessment, a colleague introduced me to a book by J.M. Bryson that served as an excellent guide for me. One thing I learned is that "Why are we doing it?" is an important question to ask. I heard a story that I believe hits home on this very question.

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Creating Meaningful Pathways for Articulating Assessment

By Monica Joy Defendorf & Gary Flynn

With a greater national interest in the quality of higher education, outcomes assessment and program review are hot topics. In order to prepare students for an increasingly competitive marketplace, the focus is not just on the end product of a graduating student, but on the path to excellence provided by institutions. As institutions endeavor to articulate learning outcomes, both internally and externally, we often struggle with how assessment terminology is conveyed.

A few years ago I went to a powerful retreat for personal growth and exploration. During this retreat I engaged in an activity about communication and point of view. We were asked to assemble in groups and without talking to each other, write down the first five words we thought of when we heard the word “Love.” Afterwards, we shared our words with the group. To my surprise it was extremely rare for a group of five people to have even one word in common.

Words essentially are a combination of letters and sounds that symbolize meaning. Considering the variable experiences that each of us have with love, it is not surprising that our associations with the word “love” would be so different. Words are tied with our experiences which often shape our point of view. I wondered, “If this is true with a word like ”love”, would it be true with other words that permeate higher education institutions today?”

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New CAEP Pilot Asks K-12 Students for Their Feedback

By Jane Leibbrand, Communications Consultant and Education Policy & Practice Writer

CAEP has started a groundbreaking pilot project in which a survey is administered to K-12 students to collect data on their perceptions of student teacher/intern teaching practices and classroom learning conditions.

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Evaluation vs. Assessment Is There Really a Difference?

By George M. Skerritt, Cuyahoga Community College

Are the words evaluation and assessment synonyms? If you’re doing one, are you also doing the other? Can you do one without the other? Should you? Not only should we have this discussion, but it would help if we came to a resolution that at least resembles some sort of agreement on the meaning of the terms.

This discussion is the result of many conversations that I’ve had with colleagues who are tasked with implementing learning outcomes assessment at their institutions. A recurring theme of those conversations is that nearly everyone we work with, either at the individual faculty, program/department, or institutional level responds with an adamant “Yes!” when we ask, “Are you assessing your curriculum?” However, with one exception, when we try to assist in documenting their results for accreditation, we find that the assessment process often ends at data-gathering and rarely gets into inquiry – the analysis of data and asking the questions, “Why?” and “Can we do better?”.

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By Monica Joy Defendorf, Tk20 Assessment and Accreditation Consultant

Recently I discovered Brené Brown's, "The Power of Vulnerability" Ted talk. If you have not listened to it, please take some time to do so. I think you will agree that it may be just what you need to inspire the beginning of or a nice wrap-up to your arduous work day. While the nature of this talk is based on personal vulnerability, I immediately wondered what vulnerability means in an organization or higher education institution involved in an accreditation review or self-study.

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Track Faculty Qualifications, Produce Kiosk Surveys, and Define Report Features

Austin, TX – August 2013…. Tk20, Inc., a leading provider of integrated planning, assessment, and reporting solutions for colleges and universities in the United States and abroad, is pleased to announce a major software update to its CampusWide™ and HigherEd™ products. With the highly anticipated release of version 5.9.0, institutions are benefitting from enhanced functionality and new features designed to help streamline institutional processes and generate data for accreditation and program improvement with greater ease and efficiency.

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Tk20 Announces Version 5.5.0

It is with great excitement that Tk20 announces the release of version 5.5.0. With the launch of 5.5.0, your institution will benefit from enhanced functionality designed to help streamline your institutional processes and generate data for accreditation and program improvement with greater ease and efficiency.

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CSC Earns Education Accreditation Renewal

The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education assessment team recently renewed accreditation for Chadron State College’s education program at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The team visited campus and the Chadron area for three days in April to interview CSC students, student teachers, alumni, faculty, staff and area school principals about the quality of teacher preparation at CSC.

Patti Blundell, a member serving on the advanced faculty NCATE committee, said that assessment of students at all undergraduate levels and the graduate level is ongoing while the NCATE accreditation process takes place every seven years.

“We’re very pleased with the report. It recognizes our efforts toward continuous improvement. For example, we are making changes to the way we assess student teaching as a result of analyzing the data,” Blundell said. The NCATE review process for CSC began in the summer of 2012 when a Nebraska team reviewed the folios demonstrating compliance with state curriculum standards and program rules. Next, the self-study was submitted online to the national NCATE team in the fall for a thorough review. The college’s self-study report included data from 2007-2011.

In mid-December, the CSC team held a virtual meeting with the state and national team members who shared their responses to and questions about the self-study. Any requests for different or additional exhibits were addressed by the CSC team prior to the face-to face visit in April.

NCATE review team members had full access to on-campus, online and interactive televised classes throughout the process.

“We are looking for growth and development in the undergraduate students, and with our bachelor’s degree holders and master’s degree candidates we are looking for measurable results. As we study these groups over time, we see if they are headed in the right direction and make needed adjustments. Our graduates today need to be more sophisticated in using data. We addressed this need by adding a course at the graduate level and assignments in various undergraduate courses,” Blundell said.

James Bahensky, graduate assistant for assessment and accreditation, said that CSC partnered with Tk20 in fall of 2010 to provide comprehensive assessment solutions to aid in the NCATE accreditation process and foster continuous improvement.

The Texas-based company has worked closely with CSC personnel to prepare not only for the recent NCATE visit, but also for re-accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission, the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, and the Council on Social Work Education.

Tena L. Cook, Interim Marketing Coordinator, Chadron State College


The 8th Annual Tk20 User Conference will be held June 11-13, 2013, at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center in Austin, Texas, with the theme “Connecting the Dots: Creating an Assessment Narrative”. We are thrilled to announce that nationally recognized speaker and author Dr. Marilee J. Bresciani will deliver the keynote address “Linking Program Review with Outcomes Assessment to Address Key Performance Indicators”.

Dr. Bresciani serves as a Professor of Postsecondary Educational Leadership at San Diego State University where she coordinates the certificate in institutional research, planning, and assessment, and directs the attention, emotion, and cognitive regulation training program. Dr. Bresciani has led university-wide initiatives to embed faculty-driven outcomes-based assessment in the curriculum. She has also led reforms in outcomes-based assessment program review, assessment of general education, quality enhancement, and assessment of the co-curricular.

In her keynote address, Dr. Bresciani will present ideas of how to connect outcomes-based assessment practices with program review. In addition, she will lead an exploration of how linking the assessment and program review results creates an opportunity to address key indicators of performance in new and fresh ways. Participants will leave the keynote with guiding questions to posit on their campuses to advance using their results to make improvements that ultimately benefit program faculty, staff and students.

Additional presentations will be provided by the University of St. Thomas, Chadron State College, Webster University, Tennessee Technological University, Crowder College, Norfolk State University, University of Texas at Arlington, Corban University, Indiana State University, Middle Tennessee State University, University of West Georgia, California State University Channel Islands, Texas State University, Lebanese American University, and University of New Mexico.

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Tk20 Announces Version 5.5.0

It is with great excitement that Tk20 announces the release of version 5.5.0. With the launch of 5.5.0, your institution will benefit from enhanced functionality designed to help streamline your institutional processes and generate data for accreditation and program improvement with greater ease and efficiency.

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Breaking New Ground in Video Assessment

Tk20’s annotated video assessment tool allows students to upload video assignments, projects, and field experience videos to the Tk20 assessment system. When viewing these videos, instructors can provide feedback by adding comments directly on the streaming video or visually emphasize areas of the video with a highlighted box. An assessment rubric is displayed alongside the video where assessors can conduct evaluations aligned with specific video frames.

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Winter User Administrator Training a Success

Tk20’s January 2011 Unit Administrator Training was a real success. This winter’s Unit Administrator Training was held January 18th and 19th, 2011 at The Westin Hotel in The Domain, a new urban oasis featuring boutique-style specialty shops and upscale restaurants. Over 35 Tk20 Unit Administrators traveled to Austin from 15 states. The Unit Administrator Training is an offered event for sharing of best practices on implementation, accreditation, and overall institutional effectiveness. At this biannual event, Tk20 Product Specialists provide hands-on-training and one-on-one strategy sessions to ensure that you are kept current on new system functionalities and new accreditation procedures, supporting the overall success of your institution’s accreditation expectations.

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