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NCATE/CAEP Accreditation & You


CAEP's recently announced new accreditation standards encompass a bold vision for the future of educator preparation, and that vision is heavily dependent on data. Providers will have until Fall 2016 to transition to the new standards, and Tk20, Inc. will be working alongside providers during the transition. As providers alter their assessments to align with the new standards, Tk20, Inc. will alter its assessment systems to ensure appropriate alignment as well.

The new standards expect providers to display key annual report data on their websites. Some of that information is new, and providers have new responsibilities in tracking, collecting, and posting data on employer and graduate perceptions of program effectiveness, as well as P-12 student survey data results.

The Tk20, Inc. assessment system for the new standards will mirror the standards, and Tk20 will alter its system to provide the data fields necessary for the information CAEP requests. Providers are already collecting some of the data which the new standards require, but in many cases, the new standards require more specific evidence in key areas. For instance, the new CAEP standard on Content and Pedagogical Knowledge specifically requires candidates to demonstrate understanding of the 10 InTASC standards (grouped in four categories). Tk20, Inc. will follow CAEP's guidance in order to revise its current data fields for content and pedagogical knowledge for Standard 1--for example, whether CAEP prefers 10 separate data fields for each InTASC standard or four fields which are further divided.

Likewise, in Standard 2, on Clinical Partnership and Practice, CAEP will provide guidance on new expectations, including a new category within that standard on clinical educators. CAEP may request specific new data fields for criteria for selection, retention, and evaluation of clinical educators. The CAEP Commission also wanted to ensure that candidate clinical experiences are aligned with schoolbased curricula such as the common core (college and career-ready) standards; CAEP will be looking for that evidence.

Standard 3 is a new focus for accreditation, and new data fields will be required to provide evidence that the average GPA of the accepted candidates meets or exceeds CAEP's minimum of 3.0, and that the group average performance on nationally normed college entrance assessments is in the percent of the distribution which CAEP requires. New also is the expectation that the provider select criteria and measures used to predict effective candidate performance (and evidence of the validity and reliability of the measures).

Standard 4 on Program Impact also requires more new data in addition to currently available data, such as new and evolving growth and impact measures, where available, in addition to measures which the provider creates. CAEP expects supervisor observation instruments to be validated. In addition, a new expectation is use of P-12 student surveys. CAEP also expects providers to survey employers and candidates to determine effectiveness of the program. CAEP expects programs and to follow candidates into the field as they teach (employment milestones such as promotion and retention) and gain data where it is available.

In addition, annual reporting requirements include all measures just enumerated for Standard 4, in addition to completer/graduation rates; ability of completers to meet licensing requirements/assessments; and ability of completers to be hired in positions for which they have prepared. Tk20, Inc. will ensure that its assessment system includes all of these critical pieces of data, and that data required for annual reporting can be easily pulled into a separate report for CAEP in the format that the accrediting body requires.

Standard 5, Provider Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement, expects providers to summarize measures of completer impact and include external benchmarks for them. Thus providers should be able to select and array impact measures within each of the standards in overall summary tables. Tk20, Inc. will ensure that provider assessment systems are user-friendly and are programmed to provide the transparency in outcomes that CAEP requires. We were pleased to help support the CAEP Commission on Standards and Performance Reporting, and stand ready to help providers as they document candidate and program impact and outcomes.

Bhupi Bhasin
President, Tk20, Inc.

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