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Assessment & Reporting

Assessment is a critical function for any institution or program, or course. Tk20 offers a holistic design to optimize the assessment process.
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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning assists institutions with clearly defining goals and objectives. Tk20 offers an integrated planning and budgeting solution.
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Institutional Research

Institutional Research supports the assessment and planning efforts of the institution’s senior administration, both internally and externally.
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Tk20 offers various assessment methodologies and an extensive list of reports to support compliance with accreditation standards.
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Case Studies: What partner institutions are saying.

Assessing Information Literacy: Corban University's Approach

Students always need more information. More and more careers and professions depend not only on accessing information, but also on an employee’s ability to weed through the massive information overload of the 21st century. Therefore, higher education is in the midst of transitioning to teaching not only disciplinary content, but also disciplinary method: how information is found, utilized, and cited in 21st century research. Because of this, information literacy is becoming a critical element in today’s collegiate education
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  • Garrett Trott
    Reference/Instruction Librarian
    Corban University

Tk20 Announces Partnership with Naseej

Tk20, Inc. and Naseej, the leading knowledge solutions provider in the Middle East, announce that they have signed an exclusive agreement to bring Tk20's assessment, planning, and accreditation management solutions to the Middle East region.
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Tk20 eNews: Assessment & Accreditation Practices

In this issue, contributing authors from Arapahoe Community College and the University of West Georgia offer advice for assessment success in Movin’ On Up: We All Have a Piece of the Student Learning Pie and CACREP Accreditation: Evidence & Documentation in Tk20. Assessment professionals are challenged to consider four thought-provoking questions in Points to Ponder: Examining the Culture of Assessment on Your Campus. Plus, check out highlights from the 2014 Tk20 User Conference and the latest free, on demand webinar, Managing Assessment Data & Validating Meaningful Change.
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New iTeachAZ Mobile App a Timesaver for Teachers

iTeachAZ is the teacher preparation program at Arizona State University Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College in which teacher candidates spend their senior year immersed in a partnering pre-K-12 school. The iTeachAZ mobile app allows users to collect and submit teacher candidate data on nearly any devise: laptop, tablet, mobile device, or desktop computer, creating a more efficient and effective process for faculty, site coordinators, mentor teachers, and candidates.
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Tk20 Announces LMS Integration

We are very excited to announce we have received IMS Interoperability Conformance Certification. With Learning Tools Interoperability™ (LTI) certification, Tk20 will be able to integrate with any LTI certified Learning Management System platform including Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, and Sakai.
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Taming the Beast: St. Cloud’s Approach to Accreditation Management

Check out this webinar to hear how Tk20 helped St. Cloud State University take control of their destiny with more efficient processes, improved collaboration, and enhanced reporting.
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We are really excited about this enhancement. A goal of data collectors is to make the process as easy as possible for faculty. Integrating assessment data collection with Canvas will make our process easier for students and faculty, assuring us better compliance."
  • Asim Ali
  • Information Technology Specialists VI
  • Technology Product Manager
  • Tk20 Unit Administrator
  • Auburn University
UWG extends our sincere gratitude to Tk20 for your support in preparation for our recent NCATE “focused" visit on standard 2. We have been ambitious, implementing what would more reasonably have been a 3-year plan in 2 years, and you have been very accommodating. We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with remarkable outcomes for our candidates and College.”
  • Debra C. Cobia
  • Associate Dean, College of Education
  • University of West Georgia
The online e-portfolio evaluation tools offered CI exactly what they needed. The ability to import course, student, and faculty data directly from their Student Information System integrated all data elements together in one central, electronic location.”
  • Nelle Moffett
  • Director of Institutional Research
  • California State University Channel Islands
Tk20 CampusWide™ has helped Tri-C in implementation of General Education Outcomes Assessment, inclusion of e-portfolios and an integrated surveying strategy that is increasing the response rate. The ‘culture of inquiry’ is alive at Tri-C!”
  • George Skerritt
  • Director of Learning Outcomes Assessment
  • Cuyahoga Community College
NWCCU commended Corban for marshaling the technological and human resources to create a comprehensive outcomes assessment framework. Every degree program has a set of published learning outcomes, one or more key assessments, thresholds, and plans for carrying out the specified assessments.”
  • Pam Teschner
  • Director of Assessment
  • Corban University
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