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Tk20 HigherEd™ is a comprehensive assessment system designed to address programmatic assessment needs. HigherEd™ bridges the gaps between students, faculty and programmatic assessment. Designed with programmatic/specialized accreditation compliance in mind, the vast offerings enable academic programs to assess and interact with constituents on or off campus. It also offers one easy location to manage all courses for a specific program. Instructors can communicate with students, post assignments, give quizzes, manage grades, post syllabi and other documents and connect with all cooperating teachers and clinical supervisors—all from one location.

The internship experience is a vital part of any academic program. The Field Experience feature is holistic, designed to capture meaningful assessment data from this critical external component of program requirements. With the import of data from the student information system, students are placed seamlessly in education or clinical experiences at any level

in the collegiate experience. Assessments are created and all relevant parties are able to view, complete and evaluate the assessment tool to provide insight into student performance. Additionally, all data associated with course-based activities including standards-based student artifacts, reflections, instructor feedback, field experience activities and assessments can be combined with other data in the system for comprehensive reporting. Finally, all course-based material can be included in student portfolios. The features in each of our products are similar. Each product is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the entire campus or a specific academic program.

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