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Field Experience

Management of Field Experience and Clinical Practice provides for the integration of cooperating sites, cooperating teachers/site staff, the integration of site demographic data, and identification of students eligible for placements. The Field Experience module is designed to simultaneously manage activities and assessments in site-based experiences and track critical statistics while meeting the needs of a plethora of academic and student service-based programs.

Feature benefits allow users to:
  • Provide essential support for the health professions, counseling, social work, education and the social sciences.
  • Collect key demographic data and descriptive statistics for a variety of student activities outside the classroom experience.
  • Create a collection of assessments and self-reflections within a shared binder for students, faculty and site staff.
  • Store site demographics and site staff details directly inside Tk20.
  • Associate cooperating teacher/supervisor with multiple sites to accommodate job changes or shared resources while monitoring accurate and complete historical data.
  • Employ reports to easily capture a qualitative picture of clinical/internship/student teaching experience within programs at your institution.
  • Review aggregate and cumulative data collectively.