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Advisement and Transition Point Management

These functionalities help advisors make the most of students’ time by keeping them on pace to finish their programs. The system allows advisors to obtain full academic information about their students. This includes their test scores, certifications, transcripts and information related to all courses taken. Advisors can access detailed information about their students’ assessments at course and program levels and make determinations about further requirements. They can even add notes to student advisement records.

Feature benefits allow users to:
  • Track student major and program information based on data imported from the Student Information System.
  • Provide students with visible progress towards program completion.
  • Record notes from advising sessions to provide a historical view.
  • Forecast and analyze gateways, key program transition points and completion rates.
  • Automate key criteria such as GPA, test scores, and course completion requirements.
  • Collect term based information for students including term GPA, program, major, and advisor assignments.