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Additional Capabilities

Document Room

The Document Room stores all assessment, planning, and accreditation-related documents in one place. Security privileges control the ability to upload and access files.

Feature benefits allow users to:
  • Provide reviewers with easy access to documents during accreditation visits.
  • Reduce sending email attachments that get buried in email accounts.
  • Share documents among different departments and units.
  • Access documents on-the-go wherever users have internet access.

Embedded Document Viewing & Annotation

In addition to downloading a document, an assessor may open a Word, PDF, PowerPoint, or Excel file in an embedded view and make annotations. Embedded document viewing is available in Course Binders, Portfolios, Assignments, Juried Assessments, and Field Experience Binders.

Feature benefits allow users to:
  • Add comments, notes, explanations or other types of remarks directly onto embedded documents while simultaneously assessing the submission.
  • Provide students with easy to view highlighted annotations reflecting your feedback on their assignments, binders, portfolio, etc.