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Top Five Reasons Tk20 Helps You

The role of a faculty member is both rewarding and challenging. We recognize that with all of the priorities you face in one day, convenience and ease of use are primary. At Tk20, we partner with faculty to help streamline the development and retention of assessment activities. Paper copies get lost and flash drives can become too numerous to manage. Here are the top 5 reasons our clients prefer Tk20:

You Can Create Assignments Once and They Will Remain in the Tk20 System.

We know your time is valuable. Creating and grading assignments is a consistent part of your responsibilities. At Tk20, we help you save time. Once you create an assignment in Tk20, it remains safely in the system. It can be used multiple times throughout multiple terms. It can also be changed without losing the data associated with the original design. Tk20 appreciates the role of faculty and ensures that faculty has the accessibility they want.

Evaluation Tools Can Be Used for Assessment in Multiple Course Sections Across the Campus.

Once an assessment activity is created in Tk20, it can be accessed and/or distributed to multiple users. Faculty teaching the same course can use the same key assessment throughout multiple campuses. Using the same assessment tool and evaluation instrument aids in creating a culture of evidence and effective benchmark comparisons throughout the institution.

Course Evaluations Are Created and Distributed With Ease.

Course evaluations are an important assessment tool for your traditional classroom and online courses. In Tk20, course evaluations can be created and distributed with ease. Course evaluations can vary for course levels, instructional delivery methods, and even for specific subject matter. Once the course evaluation is created, it’s distributed easily to provide students with an email notification and link for easy access and completion.

The Faculty Dashboard Provides an At-A-Glance View of the Status of Assessment Activities.

You will be able to view the status of your assessment activities upon logging into the Tk20 system. The intuitive and vibrant dashboard creates a convenient view of the status of assignments. Easily take note of submissions, outstanding assignments, and completed assessments, streamlining the communication between faculty and students.

There are a Myriad of Assessment Types Available in Tk20.

We offer varied assessment types because we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Tk20 offers assessment portfolios for course or program review. In addition, course binders allow students to upload artifacts for the entire course for ease of evaluation. Rubrics are developed to use with any assignment type within the Tk20 system. Showcase your faculty talent. Take advantage of the wide range of benefits that Tk20 offers.

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