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The New Era of PlanningFebruary 15, 2017

The resounding success of the Graphite interface—designed to deliver a better user experience—and the subsequent launch of Graphite Plus featuring Instant Insight Reports™ marked early milestones in our journey towards a cooler, more usable assessment system for the higher ed community.

The improvements to our flagship platform throughout 2016 not only preserved the robust functionalities that have always defined Tk20 solutions, but they also set the stage for a host of exciting enhancements still to come.

It’s in this vein that we’re looking forward to the next milestone in our collective journey with the upcoming launch of our next major release, Graphite Pro. By design, we’re leveraging the slick Graphite platform to introduce all-new Planning functionalities in Tk20 that will change the way you think about strategic and assessment planning from now on.

Say goodbye to the frustration and headaches that used to accompany planning tasks, and get ready for a new era of planning you’ll actually enjoy!

Graphite Pro will provide a great user experience in the moment, as well as visibility into the fruits of your labor downstream. By integrating a suite of sophisticated planning tools on a user-friendly platform, you’ll be able to simplify your day and get more work done in less time.

  • Specify outcomes and objectives for your entire organization
  • Map department, program, and institution outcomes to each other
  • Link objectives between your strategic and assessment plans
  • Customize plans to match your unique terms, processes, and approach
  • Incorporate critical questions and factors into your plans at any point
  • Send notifications and coordinate efforts among planning staff
  • Add milestones for important dates throughout your planning cycle
  • Generate action plans to help close the loop on key assessments

Beyond the many enhancements to our Planning module, Graphite Pro will also introduce some exciting new features in other areas of the Tk20 system:

  • Expanded Instant Insight Reporting capabilities
  • Improvements to Form Builder, Portfolios, and Field Experience
  • Less time needed to load SIS data into your Tk20 system

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