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Planning & Analysis

Integrated Assessment, Strategic Planning and Budgeting features create effortless transitions through each step of a holistic planning process. Closing the loop on assessment is evidenced through a complete process that includes the stated outcome/objective, assessment tool, results and actions for continuous improvement. This allows substantiated rationale to be linked with budget requests creating a sound justification for planning and budgeting decisions. Reports offer a compelling presentation of data for decision making at all levels of the institution.

Feature benefits allow users to:
  • Produce robust assessment plans that include benchmarks/targets, embedded data and the space to reflect on data collected.
  • Customize assessment, planning, curriculum map and budgeting terminology to reflect terms used on your campus.
  • Access assessment data from one centralized location via reports and a dashboard with drilldown capability.
  • Develop strategic initiatives based on sound assessment practices.
  • Track action items by unit, monitor associated budget requests, and review them by planning cycle.