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Additional Capabilities

Document Room

The Document Room stores all assessment, planning and accreditation-related documents in one place. Security privileges control the ability to upload and access files.

Feature benefits allow users to:
  • Provide reviewers with easy access to documents during accreditation visits.
  • Reduce sending email attachments that get buried in email accounts.
  • Share documents among different departments and units.
  • Access documents on-the-go wherever users have internet access.

Admissions Applications

Admissions Applications allows institutions to manage institutional and program application processes, streamline disparate procedures and requirements and gain insight into applicant demographics.

Feature benefits allow users to:
  • Accomodate a variety of admission timelines.
  • Enjoy convenient visibility of application status and status of submitted items (transcripts, recommendation letters, etc.)
  • Access real-time data for easy and accurate forecasting for programs, colleagues or internships.

Field Experience

Management of Field Experience and Clinical Practice provides for the integration of cooperating sites, cooperating teachers/site staff, the integration of site demographic data, and identification of students eligible for placements.

Feature benefits allow users to:
  • Provide essential support for the health professions, counseling, social work, education and the social sciences.
  • Collect key demographic data and descriptive statistics for a variety of student activities outside the classroom experience.
  • Create a collection of assessments and self-reflections within a shared binder for students, faculty and site staff.