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Ad Hoc and Core Reports

The CampusWide™ system was fundamentally created for outcomes-based assessments and reporting. It offers extensive capabilities for analyzing performance data and making data-driven improvements over time. The extensive reporting capabilities provide a rich and cohesive foundation for flexibility, collaboration and improvement of performance-based effectiveness throughout the institution. The core reports provide comprehensive and aggregates reports for all feature functionalities.

Flexible ad hoc-style features allow users to customize reports. Once the data is collected within the Tk20 system, users can manipulate the data, display it in different formats, and select the appropriate output for further analysis and/or submission.

Feature benefits allow users to:
  • Aggregate assessment data at the course, program and unit levels.
  • Monitor real-time program and assessment data.
  • Generate evidence in relation to national and state standards.
  • Fuse data from multiple sources.
  • Create custom reports.