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Top Five Reasons Tk20 Helps You

Administrators have ever-expanding and demanding responsibilities. In one day, you may be a part of assessment meetings, budget hearings, and student organization gatherings. At Tk20, we recognize the demand and want to assist you with data collection efforts, streamlined communication, and effective reporting to demonstrate continuous improvement and compliance with accreditation standards. Here are our top 5 reasons that administrators prefer Tk20:

Create Surveys To Collect and Analyze Meaningful Data.

Administrators often ask questions no one else is asking. You may also have limited access to survey the entire campus. Tk20 offers a survey administration feature that is designed with you in mind. Surveys can be created, edited, and distributed with ease. You can survey stakeholders on and off campus to gather relevant information for all-encompassing decision making.

Centralize and Streamline Data Collection Efforts.

As an administrator, you need information from various campus constituents. Tk20 offers a convenient and intuitive document management feature with varying levels for private and/or public viewing. In addition, surveys, assessment plans, strategic plans, budgets, student application information, field experience evaluations, and course evaluation results can all be securely housed within Tk20. Each department can submit pertinent information that’s useful for creating a culture of evidence. Rest in the convenience of knowing that all student information is protected by FERPA regulations and that data ownership resides with the institution.

Generate Comprehensive Reports for the Entire Campus.

Analyzing data is critical in your role. Data must be easily accessible and presented in a functional and informative design. In Tk20, you can generate aggregate and comprehensive reports based on student information system data, surveys, assessment plans, budgets, and much more. The centralized data collection effort creates a unique opportunity to access noteworthy information and capture it in over 90 core reports that span the entire Tk20 system. In addition, the ad hoc feature allows you to customize reports and designate only the information you want to see.

Dissolve Communication Silos.

Have you ever had challenges with academic departments communicating with non-academic departments? Everyone is headed toward the same goal, sustainable assessment and planning practices. Tk20 offers a number of communication vehicles that can help minimize the communication gaps across your campus. You can effectively utilize the messaging and announcement sections, and specify pending tasks for the entire campus. Everyone is empowered to contribute to the overall university strategic direction.

Integrated Assessment, Planning and Budgeting Solution.

Tk20’s assessment and planning module meets the needs of any campus. We know that your primary goals are to create holistic assessment processes and to exceed both regional and specialized accreditation requirements. You can create customized assessment plans tailored to the terminology and assessment practices at your institution. Not only can you create assessment plans, you can link the assessment plans to the institution’s strategic plan and campus wide budgetary considerations.

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